What Is Autism Tomorrow?

  • What to expect from the book

  • Do You Have a Child with Autism?

    You’re Holding the Roadmap to Your Child’s Future!

    Do you ever wonder if your child...

    • Will marry and have kids?
    • Can live on their own?
    • Will be gainfully employed?
    • Is going to be safe in your absence?
    • Has the right tools for his success?

    Autism Tomorrow Addresses these questions and many more. Finally, you have a comprehensive resource that provides support for your child’s smooth transition into adulthood.

    Autism rates exponentially increased since the mid-eighties, and thousands of families have a child with autism who are reaching adulthood without a comprehensive resource to help them make that transition. Autism Tomorrow gives you the comprehensive resource and life guide you need to help your child make a smooth transition into adulthood.

    You will learn about:

    Estate planning, independent living, nutrition, fitness, employment, safety, sexuality, publerty, dating, bullying, reading, social skills and communication.

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