Autism Tomorrow is a book that I guarantee will grab you in the first few minutes and then inform, educate, and move you to a level of understanding of autism that I did not think possible. I am much more emotionally attuned and adequately informed on autism after reading this fine work of Karen Simmons, Bill Davis and the other experts who contributed to this book.

Pennsylvania State Senator, Mike BrubakerMember of the Autism Caucus and Children’s Health Caucus

In this compelling and articulate volume, the authors tell you how to educate and support children with autism, and give you a window into how to love them too. It should be the “go-to” book for parents addressing the confusion surrounding an autism spectrum diagnosis.

Andrew Solomon – National Book Award Winner and Pulitzer Prize Finalist, author of The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression, and the forthcoming “A Dozen Kinds of Love: Discovering The Horizontal Family”

In the world of tomorrow, people with autism will be encouraged to live successful and productive lives using their strengths. Sufficient resources will be devoted to removing barriers that prevent them from leading lives of authentic success and fulfillment. This book is a must!

Dr. Stephen Shore – Professor and Author of “Beyond the Wall: Personal Experiences With Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome”; “Understanding Autism For Dummies”; “Ask and Tell: Self-Advocacy and Disclosure for People on the Autism Spectrum”

This is the finest, most advanced book on autism and real life available.  Once you pick it up, you’ll keep reading, as it both enlightens and inspires, while giving  solid tips you need to help your child truly flourish in today’s and tomorrow’s world. Get a copy for your child’s teacher, your doctor, your parents, and most
importantly, yourself.

Frank Barnhill, M.D., Family Practitioner – Author, Mistaken For ADHD

“Autism Tomorrow” is one book I’ll recommend to all my patients who have, or know of a child or adult with autism. The tips in this book are cutting-edge, and far beyond measure. You’ll learn how to maintain your parental sanity,  get help for college, and everything in between.

Stephen Guffanti, M.D. Family Practitioner- Author, Does Your Child Really Have ADHD?
Creator, Rocket Phonics, www.RocketPhonics.com and www.DrDyslexic.com

Every family who wants to encourage, nourish, and be a champion for their child with autism needs this book. “Autism Tomorrow” will be your most trusted resource for a long time to come.

Rebecca Kochenderfer- Author, Homeschooling and Loving It
Editor, www.Homeschool.com

“Autism Tomorrow” reminds us that we are not alone in this journey. The practical advice shared by Karen, Bill and the other contributors is invaluable and a must read for anyone trying to grasp what daily life is like with autism, and how to appropriately address it.”

Joel Manzer- Parent of a child with autism, www.Autisable.com

As the population of individuals with autism rapidly increases, so rises the urgency to cultivate a cultural competency that affords each person opportunities to participate and contribute authentically. “Autism Tomorrow” is a timely and thorough resource to support this noble endeavor.

William Stillman- Self-advocate and award-winning author of “Autism and the God Connection” and “Empowered Autism Parenting”


Now that many of our little children are reaching adulthood the question arises “what do I do now?  I already know about early detection, intervention, specific methodologies and how to work with the school system so now that my son is graduating from high school and the typical funding stops, where do we go from here?”  Where will she live?  Will he get married and have children?  How will she get along in the world if something happens to me or my family?
The goal of this book is to provide a roadmap of possibilities, written by a father, Bill Davis and a mother, Karen Simmons, offering areas to consider so that you can make intelligent decisions regarding the direction of intention you have for your child’s life.   Since many resources focus on children with Asperger’s and those with less challenges, we decided to cover a child with more challenges and included sections called “Karen’s Korner” talking about my son’s perspective who has HFA/Aspergers syndrome.  This way the reader can gain perspective from both Bill and myself.  We have also included many experts in the book covering areas such as wills, estates, living arrangements, police encounters, puberty, sexuality and so forth.

The reader will be left with an honest real life approach to how they might tackle the task of defining a road map.  We also interviewed many top experts in the field asking them what Autism Tomorrow meant to them.  We call this our “Pearls of Wisdom” which includes comments from Dr. Stephen Shore, Bill Stillman, Elaine Hall, and more…

Karen Simmons – Author

We dig deep and tackle tremendously important subjects: the family dynamic, siblings, hygiene, fitness, safety, women’s issues and exams, puberty, bullying, sexual abuse, financial planning, supplements and meds, IEP’s, career training, first responders, retailers, special trusts, advocacy, school bus drivers, dating, new movements, advanced theories, growing old and the future.

Ultimately “Autism Tomorrow” is a love story. Our book celebrates our love of our children and families as well as all people affected by Autism. We offer advice, research and facts. There is humor and a dramatic story of survival as well. Besides exploring the world of Autism and learning how to protect your child and allow him to flourish, you will follow our son’s growth and the learning process of our families. (add something here about what your son has done and taught you)

Discover how Chris Davis holds his family together through death, homelessness and displacement. It is Chris’ love for new found friend and “mom”, Kate Cannon that assures his family a hopeful future.

There is always a beautiful tomorrow in the world of Autism and with love, caring and kindness it is just around the corner.

Bill Davis, – Author