What’s Inside

Table of Contents

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1.  In the Beginning …                                  pg 8

  • The Facts and the Need
  • Relentless Persistence: Making Autism Work
  • How Can You “Fix It” if You Don’t Know What’s Wrong
  • 10 Tips for Parents and Professionals
  • 19 Myths of Autism

2.  All in the Autism Family

  • Mother’s Issues, Including Tips
  • Father’s Issues, Including Tips
  • Siblings and Questions To Ask Siblings, Including Tips
  • Extended Family and Friends
  • Friends And Your Child
  • Grandparents, Including Tips/li>
  • Those Who Work With Your Child
  • Pets Are Important
  • Holidays Birthday and Other Special Days
  • Marriage and Divorce, Including Tips

3. Teaching Acceptance and Understanding

  • Explaining Death and Grief
  • The Right Words

4. Special Education and Transitions

  • Individualized Education Programs (IEP)
  • Items on IEP
    Early Middle and Later Phases of Transition
    Transition Portfolio Planning Tool

5.  Educating Students With Asperger’s Syndrome

  • I Am What I Think And Do
  • Genius May Be An Abnormality
  • Types of Thinking
  • Sell Your Work Not Your Personality

6. Communications

    Competence is key
    Autism Communication and AAC
    Difference between Speech Language and Communication
    Max Finds His Voice

7. Autism Through New Eyes

    Improve Reading, Writing, and Sports Co-ordination abilities
    Does Your Child Do Any Of These Things
    Colored Overlays
    Vision and Reading Skills Chart

8. Tools For The Outside World

    Building Self Esteem in Children with Autism and Asperger’s
    Social Stories
    Using PIctures to Communicate, Story Board and Video
    Explaining Autism To Others

9.  Safety Issues For Your Child

    Police, Including Tips
    Firefighters and rescue, including tips
    Personal Safety

10. Out In The Community

    Shopping and Behavior in Stores
    Keeping Your Child Safe While Travelling
    First REspornders, Hospitals and Emergency Rooms
    Riding The Bus
    Public Restroom Use
    When Getting a Haircut is Torture
    Post 9/11 Security and Dealing With Extra Security

11. Bullying

    The Parents Role In Changing the Climate In Schools
    The Profile of a Bully
    The Teachers Role
    Financial Bullying At Any Age
    Cyber Bullying
    Bully Myths

12.  Puberty and Sexuality

    Sex Education and Explaining Sexuality
    Fitting In
    Sexual Abuse
    Different, Sepcial Doctor Visits

13. Issues For Boys With Autism

The Issues
Men in Institutions and Group Homes
Comments about Autism Tomorrow

14.  Issues for Girls with Autism

    Women In INstitutions and Group Homes
    Growing From a Girl Into Woman With Autism

15. Financial Planning

    School Programs
    The Letter of Intent
    Protecting Your CHilds Assets
    Financial PLanning
    The “Four Esssentials” To securing your exceptional childs financial future

16. Medical, Dental and other Health Issues

  • Finding the Right Physician
  • A Father and a Doctor
  • Dental Care is Essential

17. Exercise and Fitness For Special Students

  • Fitness for Optomal Futures
  • A Brief history of What Went Wrong
    Why Being Inactive is Absolutely Positively Not Ok
    What Is Authentic Physical Fitness
    The Importance of Family Fitness

18.  Health and Nutritional Needs

  • Diet and Autism What You Need to Know
  • How Diet Can Help With Autism

19.  Attending Community College or the University

  • University, College, Community Colleges
  • Adjusting  to Life on Campus
  • College for People on the Autism Spectrum

20. Careers

    Help YOur Child Build an Enriching Career
    Tips For Employers and Managers

21. Aging

22. Autism Tomorrow

23. Glossary Terminology Defined.